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Renewal Sweepstakes Winners – Round 1

wranglers April 11, 2012 0

The Wranglers are rewarding fans who renew their full-season tickets early! In the first of three rounds, any fans who renewed their ticket package by Friday, April 6, were entered into a drawing for a variety of prizes, and we have our first winners!

Prizes can be picked up during the home games against the Idaho Steelheads on Monday, April 16, and Tuesday, April 17. If you are unable to make either of the first two homes games in the Wranglers’ run for the 2012 Kelly Cup, please call your Wranglers representative at (702) 471-7825 to schedule a date and time to pick up your prize. Congrats, winners, and stay tuned for the next round of renewal sweepstakes!

Maverick Helicopter Trip for 2

1. Duane and Cathy Keidel
2. Robert and Katie Lac
3. Mike Grogan
4. Danny Wilkins
5. Richard Harris Law Offices

Wranglers Gym Bag

1. Mike and Marsha Paschal
2. Matthew McNeelege
3. Jaquita Geiss
4. Annmarie Homer
5. Dan and Mary Murray
6. John and Karen Jones
7. Michael and Tami Vagnerini
8. Colby and Stacey Beck
9. Lorna Eames
10. Will and Dawn Ralston

Wranglers BBQ Set

1. Alex Blums
2. Darren Werb
3. Jody Holt
4. Lara Wenner
5. Eric Lawson
6. Tami Jacobsen
7. Mattie Anderson
8. Lucien Cravens
9. Greg and Regina Mullins
10. Ed and Janice Eckels
11. Mike and Marsha Paschal
12. Andi Keys
13. Chantel Schimming
14. Patrick Kelley
15. James and Shirley Smith

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