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My First Foray into Hockey

wranglers July 29, 2011 0

Hello, Wranglers fans, and welcome to our very own front office blog! With a shiny new website and the start of another season right around the corner, it’s time for a change. As a sports fan, I’ve continuously wanted to know what goes on after the field lights go off, the parking lots empty and fans like me put their jersey-covered bodies to bed. As a new Wranglers employee with my very own computer in my “cave,” as the guys like to call my office, I am here to fill you in about what happens in the front office after the team leaves the ice.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Rachel, and this is my fourth week working for the Wranglers. This is also my fourth week working in hockey – ever. I worked in baseball, basketball and soccer while I was still in college (go Wolf Pack!), but hockey is new to me. I went to a lot of Las Vegas Thunder games when I was little, and I can mostly handle ice-skating as long as I hold onto the wall, but that’s really my only experience with hockey up until this point.

That being said, I am ridiculously excited to be working in hockey! The Wranglers do a lot of crazy promotions, which I am all about, and the front office cares a lot about making sure fans have a great time at every game. As the new Director of Media and Public Relations, I hope to get more people talking about the Wranglers and more fans in the seats to see just how much fun hockey is, even in the middle of a desert.

Folks, I could use some help already, though. I have a favorite baseball and football team, but having never really been exposed to hockey…I need a favorite NHL team. Obviously, I am going to root for the Wranglers in the ECHL, but what other jersey should have beside theirs in my closet? That’s where you come in! Please tell me why YOUR favorite NHL team is the best or simply why other NHL teams are the worst and don’t deserve another fan. I’m open to almost all suggestions to figure this out, and I need passionate hockey fans to help me. Send me an email and let me know!

So again, welcome to the new front office blog, help me pick an NHL team, and I hope you love the new website as much as I do!

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